Catenary undertakes overhead line projects fro train, tram and metro customers. We have the know-how and the capacity to manage the integral process. This means that we can take care of all aspects that come with such extensive works. From the preliminary study and the planning, the execution and the project management up to and including follow-up and maintenance. After making the implantation and type plans, the calculations for cross sections and the power calculation verifications, the execution includes:

  • various types of foundation works
  • the installation and equipping of catenary poles
  • the renewal of overhead lines
  • the installation of support structures and accessories
  • the installation of cross cables
  • the assembly of (smooth) porches
  • the unrolling and pumping of feeder and overhead line
  • the assembly and connection of the section switches

Signalling operates exclusively for Infrabel, NMBS/SNCB and Tuc rail for which it carries out projects involving train signalling and associated cable works.

  • Safety signalling TBL and ETCS (European Train Control System) Systems for the continuous monitoring of the speed of trains, so that action can be taken automatically when a train driver ignores a red light.
  • Train detection to determine the location of the train on the rail network.
  • Systems for controlling the switches and heating of the appliances so that they remain free of snow and ice in the winter.
  • Excavation works for laying cables.
  • Placement of equipment along the track such as signals, distribution boxes, track circuits …
  • Equip the signalling logs.
  • Underground drilling
  • Equipement of multi-purpose warehouses
  • Installation of equipment in the context of IOT (Internet of Things) and COT applications to improve the reliability of the rail network and the safety of train transport for passengers and staff.
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of signalling stations for traction workshops.