An innovative approach to developing sports facilities, strengthening the links between citizens and local authorities and developing more sustainable, safe, vibrant communities.

Whether it’s a football stadium, a swimming pool every sport infrastructure is unique. Each project has its own technological, electrical or climatic challenges. Our multi-technical expertise means that you can be sure of a comprehensive approach, ranging from high- and low-voltage installations to cutting-edge integrated building management systems.

Sports facilities are key attractions in cities, living places, where people gather to watch exciting performances and share collective events. Local authorities, sports associations and event organizers manage many issues to respond to users’ needs and bring sporting success. This requires efficient management of venues, delivering safety and security, reducing environmental impacts and ensuring rigorous budget control.

At ENGIE Fabricom, we work in partnership with our customers to provide bespoke, outcome-based solutions that address their objectives. ENGIE has a complete range of services and technical expertise, we can support projects from the very beginning and provide high-performance, innovative
solutions throughout the entire life of a venue.

Our approach includes integrated services, low carbon energy technologies and smart digital solutions. We can also assist integrating sports facilities in the city by making venues more accessible, managing district energy schemes and services.

Our solutions

Engineering, construction and renovation of sport facilities

  • Multi-technic design and engineering of sport infrastructure
  • BIM-management for design, construction and management of sites
  • Public & Private collaborations
  • Electricity works (high-, medium- and low voltage)
  • HVAC
  • Sustainable energy production (solar, wind energy, biomass, geothermic)
  • ICT-networks and infrastructure
  • Video surveillance and access control
  • Fire security

Operational efficiency

  • Energy management
  • Multi-technical maintenance
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency and EPC contracts
  • Centralized management of technical installations (CTM, BMS)
  • Heating systems
  • Air treatment