Working on the buildings of tomorrow

ENGIE Fabricom provides electrical equipment for large buildings and complexes, in both the public and the private sectors. Our complete solutions include high- and low-current installations, data and telecom systems, and integrated and centralised building management systems.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of construction and renovation projects. That’s why ENGIE Fabricom is always looking for the most innovative and reliable solutions to manage your buildings responsibly and sustainably. Every day, we demonstrate that energy efficiency goes hand in hand with quality, safety and comfort.

  • Office Buildings

    Energy efficient and user-friendly solutions for smarter buildings.

  • Sports & recreation centres

    Multitechnical expertise to answer technological, electrical or climatic challenges.

  • Healthcare institutions

    Tailor-made solutions to increase efficiency, safety and comfort in the sector.

  • Cultural institutions

    Solutions for the specific needs of theatres, public areas and cultural sites.

  • Datacentres & Data networks

    Custom solutions for your Data Networks and management